American College of Rheumatology (ACR)

The ACR has developed patient information on a number of vital topics of interest to patients with rheumatic diseases.


The ACR has also compiled a list of assistance to additional information about programs for certain rheumatology-related drugs.

In addition, they have provided a collection of links to additional information about programs through other sources:

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 Did you know that AHA Is MOVING?

after April 4, 2017 you will find us at: 5794 Widewaters Parkway

Syracuse, NY 13214

What we do:

Arthritis Health Associates (AHA) is a private single specialty medical practice . We specilaize in diagnosing and managing disorders wherein immune system anomolies result in unnecessary and potentially harmful inflammation in various organs of the human body.

At Arthritis Health Associates our goal is to care for you and your family. Our specialty physicians work together to form a completely integrated team of professionals. A provider team with years of clinical experience coupled with an intense commitment to research and clinical trials allowing our patients to receive the most advance treatment options available. This coordinated approach enhances the care our patients receive.

 We strive to improve the physical health of our patients by providing the highest quality of care.  We have been meeting the changing arthritis needs of Central and Upstate NY for over a decade. Arthritis Health Associates is not your standard medical practice, but a place where patients feel comfortable and cared for.



Staff Testimonial: Patient Testimonial:

 "We know the patients and we know the disease. Our staff has worked around the disease for over 25 years. We are a forward-thinking practice that stays focused on our passion for helping people with an arthritis diagnosis live a more enjoyable life."

Tina Olszewski, Clinical Director

"The newer more effective medicine increases your appreciation of life. I have a handicap sticker in my    car right now, but I don't use it, I only use it when I have to. The product speaks for itself... I am extremely happy with the care  and medicine that I receive." 

AHA Patient     








Monday thru Friday 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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MD News Article
The term known as "arthritis" usually brings to mind the disease that takes knitting and gardening away from grandmothers and grandfathers worldwide. It's the disease where Aleve commercials advertise 65-year old men frolicking to the sweet disco sounds of Earth, Wind & Fire. Yet, even with quick jokes and cliche sarcasm comes a certain amount of undeniable truth about arthritis: over 43 million people in the United States are living with arthritis or rheumatoid conditions.

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